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Puigrenier’s aged meat

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« A win-win agreement for the industrial and its service provider »

Puigrenier, family business from Allier, specialized in slaughtering, cutting and processing of bovine meat, set up an original collaboration with ADIV for the development of beef meat for 8 weeks, according to an exclusive process. Pierrick Priouzeau, director of the company, clarifies the contour and the first results of this partnership.

How is born the collaboration between Puigrenier and ADIV about aged meat?

Naturally, we interested ourselves to the same technologies at the same time. Puigrenier, who thinks of innovation as a development driver, started to offer Charolaise meat, ageing on the bone in cold room for 21 days minimum in 2011. Back then, ADIV was leading evaluation work of a meat maturing technique, which requires a high level of technological expertise, and specific materials. Its managers offered us to work together with the ambition of offering a gastronomic quality. We were immediately interested by this challenge.

Which were the main steps of this partnership?

The project started in March 2013 with a series of evaluations of the process in the health and organoleptic field. Our wish was to result with an impeccable meat in terms of food safety and which brings a perceptible added value in terms of taste. Once the settings worked out, we started sampling, which means that we matured pieces of meat on ADIV’s platform. ADIV redacted the specifications of materials, participated to the selection of  manufacturers and supervised installation works that have taken place in autumn 2013. We started to commercialize at the beginning of 2014, with an “official” launch at SIRHA 2015.

What is the particularity of the process you have implemented with ADIV?

The technique is different from the classic maturation in a fridge. It is a real maturing, on a long period, in a closed and constantly regulated circuit. So that the meat can progress to the intended aim, we play on three main criterions: ventilation, hygrometry and temperature. It demands a rigorous follow-up, but allows obtaining a more tender meat with a more intense flavor, from the very first bite.

How does ADIV’s partnership works since you started commercializing?

We have the exclusivity on the use of ADIV’s patent for five years, in exchange of royalty payment. This is a win-win agreement. On the one hand, we integrated a differentiated know-how, and on the other hand we have a technological partner with vested interests in seeing the results following. We continue to work in common on different technical settings, but also on so many other files. ADIV is indeed an interlocutor the entire year for the company, for the purpose of its development.

Which first assessment do you make of the operation on a commercial level?

Which first assessment do you make of the operation on a commercial level?

The commercial results are satisfying, on both hypermarkets and supermarkets and food service industry with a very high satisfaction rate. The products brought us an additional professional recognition, by obtaining a LSA innovation trophy in December 2014 . The aged meat will never be about large volumes, but it constitutes reinsurance for demanding customers in terms of quality. This is the case for starred restaurants, which usually favor fish of poultry, judged more regular in terms of quality. With aged meat, we offer an alternative to the chefs so that bovine meat can make a comeback on their card on trust.

An example of a co-built project

This collaboration illustrates the diversity of services offered by ADIV to companies and its capacity to build projects them. “We have intervened from the genesis of the project to the production, on technological, safety, engineering and of training aspects.” Point out Laurent Picgirard, manager of Meat processing activities at ADIV. “This is a good example of an industrial co-built project. All our resources have been mobilized to result with the product that the company wanted to offer: a gastronomic bovine meat, regular in quality and perfectly safe.”