« Crossroad of abilities to insure the performance of meat and meat products industries »

To each his expert…

  • Various specializations: slaughtering, animal well-being, deboning, cutting, fresh manufactured products, cooked manufactured products, cured and dry-cured meat products…
  • Various disciplines: process and equipment, mechanic and robotic, microbiology, hygiene and sanitary quality, nutrition, project management, economy, marketing


Department manager

  • Design & develop an offer of services in line with the evolution of the companies’ issues
  • Ensure the quality of offered services and respect the timeline…
  • Be responsible for expertise
  • Identify and develop innovating projects

Meat business engineer

Experts in the industrial chain as a whole. Their missions in the field :

  • Guaranty the conformity of the products and processes
  • Ensure the best competitiveness while respecting the compromise of quality fixed in the specifications, in organoleptic, technological, sanitarily and regulatory terms…


Process engineer

  • Define the technical and functional specifications for the clarification of the processes
  • Study the workability and suggest concepts
  • Develop demonstrators and prototypes
  • Integrate pilot prototypes on industrials lines

Consulting engineer

Additional skills to help companies with various needs.

  • Help companies with custom-made missions of Audit, Consulting, and Expertise regarding Construction engineering, and Economy & Strategies throughout their projects.


Training expertise

In collaboration with engineers and technicians

  • Identify and characterize needs
  • Conceive and develop professional training programs (goals and pedagogy)
  • Coordinate their implementation
  • Assess shares return

Expert technician in meat business

  • Intervene on technical aspects of the production for the different professions of the sector (slaughtering, cutting, meet processing…) on-site and in firms
  • Prepare and host professional trainings and evaluate the staff

Studies technicians

  • Implement protocols on-site and/or in firms, formalize and process collected data, realize investigations and collect required details for studies
  • Realize inquiries and prepare technical elements (nutritional analysis, factory plans) necessary for our services

Support functions

  • Insure an economic steering
  • Coordinate business strategy
  • Control quality
  • Manage technical installations (technological workshop, P2+ and laboratory)
  • Conduct human resources
  • Follow administrative data