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Lean Management

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ADIV provides technical support to BG Appro, the subsidiary of Buffalo Grill


ADIV has provided technical support to BG Appro society, the subsidiary of Buffalo Grill, at the beginning of 2015. In order to redevelop its piecing and conditioning plant in Bondoufle (91), ADIV has resorted to the method of Lean management. This intervention has permitted the improvement of global industrial performances and operator’s well-being.


BG Appro society, implanted in Bondoufle (91), has a production unit of 8500 m² dedicated to supply the restaurants of the group. It divided into two plants; one is specialized in producing pieced, calibrated and vacuum conditioned meat that is delivered to restaurants, and the other one in managing trade products (nutritional products, supplies, edible…). “In 2014, we have decided to renewed the equipments of conditioning and of weighing in our meat plants”, clarifies the director of BG Appro’s site, Hervé Bourrachot. “It required a redevelopment of processes and unitary operations. We have decided to get closer to a specialized provider in the meat sector like ADIV, to give us advises for the implementation of these machines and to help us improving and optimizing the functioning of our production unit.”

The company whished for ADIV to identify the areas for improvement in terms of flux (products as well as operators), ergonomic, organization of work stations and optimization process, particularly the harmony of equipments with needs of production and management of plant functioning; then to offer concrete solutions to implement, and to set up indicators of performances in order to follow the evolutions and improvement undertaken in the plants. “Our main goal was to improve the fluidity of the operations, the ergonomic of stations, but also the meat quality and the yields even before the work productivity”, explains Hervé Bourrachot.


“We had a first meeting in which I detailed our investment project, in order that ADIV can orientate us in our choice of materials”, continue the director of the site. Sylvain Labayle, ADIV’s Department Manager of project management, associated to Matthieu Alric, Responsible of Study, with a doctorate in mechanical engineering, and to Christophe Chenille, Expert Technician in fresh meat businesses, came at the end of 2014 to realize an Audit of the plants functioning. They analyzed all the unitary operations, from the reception of raw materials to the order picking, including the storage: depalletisation, slicing, labeling, putting back in tray, etc… “ADIV exposed to us its diagnostic and offered concretes trails in terms of redevelopment of lines or of dynamic storage,” continue Mr. Bourrachot. “Then, ADIV’s team, the production manager, the plants managers and my-self worked together to engage in  necessary arrangements, that we completed at the end of February 2015.” The director of BG Appro draws a “really positive” assessment of this intervention. “We have made many arrangements in the plant on unitary operations, work organization, but also on processes and ergonomic. The operators have less struggle, because they don’t need to move, to hand over, or to look for object in high places as much as before.  Globally, operations are more fluids, and the plant is more airy”.

The production line of rib of beef was completely redesigned, in order to improve well-being at work, but also to respect favorable wait times for the meat quality, or to improve productivity on the laser line. “It is appreciable to get advises from meat specialists to whom we don’t need to explain our business because they understand what is at stake, and the issues.” Conclude Hervé Bourrachot.