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Animal welfare

  • Assess the conformity of your practices and of your documentary system regarding the regulations
  • Assess and optimize the practices and the layout of pre-slaughtering systems
Abattoir porc - carcasse

Compliance with regulations

  • Get the sanitary approval specific to your business
  • Determine or update your Food Safety Management System

Hygiene and sanitary quality

  • Analyze the hazards and identify the critical points (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point – HACCP)
  • Manage the quality thanks to a dedicated piloting tool
  • Assess the cleanability of tools and surfaces or the detergents / sanitizers performances

Unitary operations performances and material quality

  • Measure and optimize the slaughtering, deboning and cutting practices (organization, position…)
  • Characterize and choose operators’ working methods
  • Control the conditioning of fresh meat
  • Assess the impact of unitary operations on carcasses and meat’s quality (purpura, petechiae, pH defects, light-colored meat…)
  • Characterize and valuate the nutritional profile of your meat
Prestation Mécanisation - robotisation

Process optimization

  • Conceive innovating processes (ageing, decontamination…)
  • Realize diagnosis of the air distribution of your chillers
  • Optimize the sorting, the improvement and the treatment of your animal by-products
  • Develop innovation tools for the mechanization-robotization-automation of unitary operations


Department Manager
tél. : +33 (0)4 73 98 53 80

Competencies and Expertise

  • Process engineering in meat products : control of unitary operations, impact on quality, processes or products development, settlement of manufacturing accident
  • Microbiology – hygiene and food safety
  • Proces engineering
  • Technological training fo operators and supervisors


  • 20 years or working experience
  • National referring expert for meat, meat products and cured meat technologies
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