Entrust ADIV’s teams to the complete support of your project, from the idea to the final product

In the purpose of integrating all your company’s specificities, we build a personalized project together, and we make our team’s competencies available to you with tailor-made and flexible services.

Our teams offer to support your innovative projects according to your needs in their dimensions, and on technical, economic, strategic and human challenges.

  • DIVERSIFY your product range,
  • UPGRAD your raw materials,
  • START UP a new production,
  • CREATE a product responding to new consumption pattern, or anticipate them…
  • IMAGINATE new products use

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Additional competencies
to help you with your project

Don’t wait any longer and entrust ADIV with the complete and personalized support of your innovative project, from the genesis to the final product. Teams with additional expertise coordinate themselves to pursue every necessary operation. Explanations crossed with two of the main pilots of multi-disciplinary projects:
Laurent PICGIRARD, Department Manager in Technologies and Meat Processing, and Claudine VIGIER SOUVIGNET, Department Manager in Economical Aspects and Strategy Consulting…

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