The bis stakes
and challenges to take up

  • Characterization and establishment of technological and organoleptic qualities
    Development of predictive tools (for example, detection of destructured meat and control of the color stability)
  • Characterization and bioavailibility of nutritionally interesting compounds on nutrients.
    Control the impact of the processing methods on the bioavailibility of nutritionally interesting compounds according to the population segments
  • Establishment of the aromatic and chemical quality
    Limit the setting up of unwanted compounds (newly formed…)
    Characterize the aromatic authenticity and typicity
  • Food safety
    Optimize the level of sanitary control including the variability of raw materials, the diversity of technological itineraries and the premises environment

Some examples
of projects and developments


Which impact do processes have on meat proteins digestibility?


Which new gate strategies to decrease the prevalence of salmonellas in dry sausages?

New cuts

How to increase the value of the products based on new cuts?


Biopreservation to assure the safety of cooked meat products with a low nitrite level?

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