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Abattoir porc - carcasse

Building or rehabilitation of slaughtering, cutting and meat processing tools

  • Assess the technical and economical feasibility of a project
  • Assist the project leaders in the different implementation phases
  • Assist the reception and the commissioning of processes (new equipment, practices…)
Prestation Mécanisation - robotisation

Design of equipment and mechanical or robotic solutions

  • Guide and secure the mechanical, robotic and automatic projects of unitary operations
  • Elaborate the technical specifications of a new equipment and offer solution concepts
  • Develop innovating tools for mechanization of meat sector unitary operations
Texte alternatif : Outils de transformation - Conditionnement viandes

Regulatory conformity, industrial performances & cold

  • Assure the conformity of tools and practices with sanitary, environmental and regarding of animal welfare regulations
  • Optimize the productivity of slaughtering, cutting and processing lines
  • Improve the overall industrial performance of tools according to the lean manufacturing method
  • Obtain the health and safety certificate specific to your business

Creation of factory plans

  • Update your factory plans (process and premises)
  • Realize tailor-made plans according to your needs (flows and circuits, installation of new machines, works…)


Department Manager
tél. : +33 (0)4 73 98 53 80

Competencies et expertises

  • Business expertise in slaughtering and cutting of slaughter animals
  • Regulations to companies of meat sector (sanitary, environmental, fiscal…)


  • 15  years of working experience
  • An operational approach based on a strong experience in the field in meat industries
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