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Product innovation

  • Boost your offer and develop new ranges of products
  • Improve or enhance the nutritional profile of your meat products
  • Reformulate processed meat

Processes innovation

  • Concevoir de nouveaux procédés
  • Mettre au point des machines spéciales
  • Mieux valoriser les coproduits des outils de transformation

Ingredients / starter / packing functions

  • Assess the technological and microbiological functionalities of your ingredients on meat products or in model medium
  • Characterize the functional priorities (foaming, emulsifying, antioxidant, water retention, viscosity…)
Industrie carnées- barattes

Processes and products quality optimization

  • Settle manufacturing accident
  • Improve the stability (color, microbiology) of your meat products
  • Evaluate and optimize the microbiological shelf-life of meat and meat products (challenge test)
  • Optimize the pasteurizing value of your cooked meat products
Texte alternatif : Outils de transformation - Conditionnement viandes

Industrial performances

  • Adapt your processes to your market positioning
  • Optimize the drying time of dry cured meat
  • Optimize the yields of your cured meat

Food safety

  • Monitor the risks of pathogenic bacteria contamination in dry cured meat
  • Demonstrate the antimicrobial efficiency of formulations and processes by challenge test
  • Optimize the cost of the sanitary control procedure
  • Optimize the sanitary control of raw, cooked, cured and dried meat products
  • Assess the cleanability of the tools and surfaces or the detergents / sanitizers performances



  • Realize the nutritional labeling of your products according to the INCO UE n°1169/2011 regulation
  • Evaluate the nutritional positioning of your products on the market
  • Characterize and valuate the nutritional profile of your products


Department Manager
tél. : +33 (0)4 73 98 53 80

Competencies et expertises

  • Process engineering in meat products : control of unitary operations, impact on quality, processes or products development, settlement of manufacturing accident
  • Microbiology – Hygiene et food safety
  • Process engineering
  • Technological training for operators and supervisors


  • 20 years of working experience
  • National referring expert for meat, meat products and cured meat technologies
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