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Macroeconomy and upstream development

  • Analyze, reflect and express an industry sector, geographical area or market in its macroeconomic context
  • Lead and feed thematic areas of strategic and prospective reflection of companies managers
  • Support the development of a sector’s dynamic in its various components

Innovation, corporate strategy

  • Measure the economic feasibility of an investment project
  • Join the life cycle of an economic entity
  • Assess the strategic interest of a product/process/equipment innovation

Competitiveness and performances

  • Assess and improve industrial performances
  • Assess the economical relevance of a process

Marketing strategy, market study, consumer-focused approach

  • Structure, conceive and validate the marketing and market components of a product innovation
  • Target, guide and optimize a meat product innovation process
  • Understand and assess a potential market as part of a qualitative and/or quantitative approach


Department Manager
tél. : +33 (0)4 73 98 53 80

Competencies et expertises

  • Macroéconomics
  • Upstream development, sector expertise
  • Corporate strategy
  • Marketing, product innovation
  • Product intelligence, Agrifood Industry Markets


  • 10 years of working experience
  • A dual competence, both scientific and technical in the agribusiness (ISARA Lyon), and commercial (Master ESC Dijon)
  • Experience in the “meat sector” reinforced by her familial environment
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